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Spearfish Canyon 2014

  • October 6, 2014

I made a run to Spearfish canyon the last week of September, hoping to capture some images of blazing colors around the bluffs and many creeks that flow through the canyon.  However, as is generally the case with photography, one doesn’t get what one searches for–photography is about capturing what you find.

My timing wasn’t so good–for the first few miles into the canyon, all the way to Bridal Veil Falls, the trees were all still green.  About a mile further up, they were all bare…it was odd…and frustrating.  The weather didn’t cooperate with me either, as it was gray and drizzly both of the days I was there.  So, with shots of blazing colors in majestic canyon vistas obviously not happening, I tried to find a way to use what mother nature gave me.

The rain saturated the colors in the rocks and vegetation, so I focused my attention on more intimate shots of the creeks and falls.  The diffused light allowed the texture of the rocks to show, and worked very well for slowing the shutter to show the motion of the water as it cascaded over the rocks in the creeks and down the falls.  I hiked Iron Creek and stopped a few times to explore small rapids as the creek flowed over little cliffs and rock bluffs.  I then spent considerable time playing with long exposures and tight shots of Bridal Veil Falls.  I liked the way the smooth water contrasted to the richly colored texture of the rocks and trees, so the whole trip became a texture study.


It wasn’t at all what I had planned for the trip, but having to work with what you find when you get a chance to go shooting is the unique challenge of photography.  It was a good time, and I think I got an image or two that I can use.

Iron Creek Bridal Veil details

Bridal Veil FallsBridal Veil Falls Vertical pano

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