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Tenacity and magical light

  • November 12, 2014

I often say photography is about tenacity–once one finds a scene, they must return over and over until they get the right light, with the right sky to create the image they want.

Given that I live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, any evening that I think there is potential for unique light, I rush down to Falls Park.  There, evening light works the best in general, and the water reflects the colors of the sunset, maximizing the effects.  I have been set up for sunset countless times at Falls Park, and am usually disappointed…I never seem to be out on the nights when the color is really bold.

One cold evening this Fall, on an overcast day, I noticed that the clouds were breaking up to the west.  I went down to the falls, and set up in a spot I had previously chosen.  I was above the main falls, in a position where I could showcase the network of smaller falls, which were particularly full this year.  Finally, all the trips and waiting paid off–not only was there a nice sunset, but it turned out to be one of those rare nights, when just before the sun sets, everything lights up in a colorful glow.  The warm hues that cast over the land made the pink rocks of Falls Park almost surreal, and with the water reflecting the sunset, everything in the scene was bathed in warm hues.  I used a slow shutter to get some motion in the water, and took shots from a few different perspectives.

The light only lasted a couple minutes, but preparedness and tenacity had paid off, and I got a truly unique image of the Falls.

Twilight Falls

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